Thinking Outside the Flavour Box: Oktoberfest

Yesterday, TK, Webmaster Mike, and I all went to the Beau’s Brewery Oktoberfest celebration in the pouring rain, where we drank copious amounts of beer and listened to polka music. While the festival itself wasn’t really anything to write home about, it did afford us a few opportunities to try out new and interesting flavour-boundary-breaking experiences, which we dubbed “The Oktoberfest Double-downs”. The first one we tried consisted of pulled pork and sauerkraut sandwiched between two pieces of pork schnitzel.

This may have been due to the beer in large part, but it was actually pretty tasty. Not something that I would eat in its entirety, but lip-smackingly good after a few brews. I’ve never tried an official-issue KFC double-down, but I’m guessing that if you got a few beers in the belly of a double-down fan, they’d find lots to enjoy in this disgusting-yet-delicious food concoction. We also tried it with a spicy red deer sausage and sauerkraut in between two schnitzels, with similarly tasty results.

As I said before: it was delicious and disgusting. I remember loving it when I tried it, but just watching these videos makes me want to hurl.

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