I Miss Ren & Stimpy


The lunatic known as John Kricfalusi lent his distinct style of warped and mutated animation to The Simpsons couch gag recently, and even though it was totally awesome, it reminded me of how much I loved Ren & Stimpy back when I was around 12 years old and hadn’t yet become interested in less juvenile things like girls. Kricfalusi is a cartoon genius in my mind, and to this day, I hold Ren & Stimpy up as the best pieces of surreal animation this side of the galaxy. And now, since I’m feeling a bit blue as a result of not having more new Kricfalusi to sate my insane brain, here’s part one of The Goddamn George Liquor Program – Kricfalusi’s webseries that was the first cartoon ever to be produced exclusively for the internet. Talk about ahead of its time!

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