Celebrity Birthday of the Day – October 10

Greetings, my friends! You are interested in the unknown. The mysterious. The unexplainable. That is why you are here. And now, for the first time, we are bringing you the full story of what happened. We are giving you all the evidence based only on the secret testimony of the miserable souls who survived this terrifying ordeal. The incidents, places. My friends, we cannot keep this a secret any longer. Can your heart stand the shocking facts of the true story of Edward D. Wood Jr.?

How to sum up the life of Ed Wood? Both notorious and celebrated for being one of the worst directors in the history of cinema, Ed Wood was always enthusiastic, even when he was making utter crap. Operating in the 1950’s studio system, Wood wrote, directed, edited and starred in his first feature Glen or Glenda, which was basically a two-hour confessional from Wood about his double-life as a cross-dresser. He then went on to make more conventional genre movies, albeit with very low budgets, with titles like Jail Bait, Bride of the Monster and Night of the Ghouls. His fifth feature film would prove to be his legacy: to this day, Plan 9 From Outer Space is celebrated far and wide as a prime example of bad cinema. After the death of Wood’s longtime leading man, Bela Lugosi, Wood’s career took quite a dive, and in his later years Wood was relegated to making adult movies and writing lurid crime and sex novels. He died of a heart attack in 1978 at the age of 54. The movie industry newspaper Variety failed to print his obituary, but his name will live on forever in the annals of b-movie history.

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