This Means…Cheese?

Here’s a trailer for This Means War, a film that I probably would have no interest in seeing were it not for the casting of Chris Pine and Tom Hardy and the inclusion of a blatant Spy vs. Spy reference in the preview. This Means War is directed by McG, the director who made Charlie’s Angels and who insists we call him by the name of a sandwich at McDonald’s, and follows the rivalry between two top-notch spies who fall for the same woman and use their Bond/Bourne-esque resources to fight each other for the right to be with her. How much you wanna bet she finds out that neither of them get her? It looks….well, really silly, but in a way that implies it could be a lot of dumb fun. And hey, it’s Chris Pine and Tom Hardy! They’re not bad, right? If I’m being honest, though, I’ll probably wait until this is out of theatres before I see it.

This Means War comes out February 17, 2012.

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