Age of Monsters is Rock, Paper, Scissors on an Epic Scale

Back when I worked at a toy store, I used to peddle all kinds of silly merchandise, but none was sillier than this pre-packaged Rock, Paper, Scissors game by Drummond Park:

I would often chuckle to myself at the audacity of the manufacturers in trying to make people pay money for a game they could just as easily play with their hands for free. I never sold a copy. But guess what! Now I’m going to try and sell you on the idea of a Rock, Paper, Scissors app for your iPod and iPhone…but don’t worry, it’s completely free. Age of Monsters is an epic-scale RPS game from Massive Joe studios. It’s a bit like classic fighting games in that you can select a character (from a roster of badass monsters) and pit them against your friends’ monsters. It may not sound particularly interesting from the description, but check out the video trailer above and you’ll see just how much fun it can be. I highly recommend downloading it, especially since it’s free! Free!

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