Before They Were Stars: Marisa Tomei in “The Toxic Avenger”

For the second straight year, as a countdown to Halloween, “Before They Were Stars” is going to be spending the week showcasing big-name stars who made early appearances in horror films. Once again, this won’t feature the obvious choices, like Johnny Depp in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Kevin Bacon in Friday the 13th or Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. No, I’m going to be shining a spotlight on the horror movie appearances that these celebrities would probably rather forget. You probably wouldn’t expect to hear the words “Academy Award winner” and “Toxic Avenger” together in the same sentence, but believe it or not, that film is where one future Oscar-winning actress made her debut. In this scene, you will see a young Marisa Tomei appear in the locker room wearing a towel and her entire role consists of screaming and running away. As much as I love The Toxic Avenger, that is probably still the best piece of acting in the entire movie.

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