Before They Were Stars (2-for-1 Special): Paul Walker and Fergie in “Monster in the Closet”

Our Halloween-themed week on “Before They Were Stars” concludes with the unlikely pairing of Paul Walker and Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson, who simultaneously made their acting debuts in a horror film which was released by the one and only Troma Entertainment: Monster in the Closet. In this trailer, you’ll see Fergie as the young girl in the red dress approaching the closet, and you can spot Paul Walker at the 0:57 and 2:05 marks as the nerdy kid with the horn-rimmed glasses. The film was shot in 1983, but not officially released until 1986, so I think that would make Paul about ten years old here and Fergie would probably be about eight. As you can probably tell by the trailer, Monster in the Closet is very tongue-in-cheek, and apparently, since the film is set in San Francisco and the monster goes right after the handsome young hero after coming out of the closet, you can actually take the whole film as a metaphor for homosexuality!

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