Now You’re Thinking In Monochrome

Parallax is a first-person portal puzzler from Toasty Games that’s completely monochrome and looks nothing short of incredible. Now, obviously trollish internet commenters are already calling foul on the game’s use of portals as a mechanic – ripping off Valve’s awesome Portal games – but frankly, even if this was derivitive of Valve’s games (which I don’t really think it is), I’m still totally eager to play it. As the Portal games proved, portal-based puzzle games with a first person perspective can make for some of the most fun you’ll ever have playing a video game. Add to that a wicked black-and-white colour scheme and you’ve got yourself something beautiful.

Parallax is still in beta, but you can check out Toasty Games’ website by clicking here so that you can stay updated on the game’s progress!

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