This Sure Is A Grand Theft Auto Trailer

Fans of the GTA franchise may hate me for saying this, but this trailer for GTA V doesn’t do a damn thing for me. Even GTA IV cruised by without me looking sideways at it, and it’s entirely because I feel like once the Grand Theft Auto games did GTA: San Andreas, they had basically done everything worth doing with the sandbox world of crime that Rockstar had created. The world really isn’t that different from game to game, and San Andreas had the most customizability and sandbox-y-ness of the new generation of GTA games (that’s not including the top-down original Grand Theft Auto and its sequel). Now, whenever I see a trailer for a new GTA game, starting with GTA IV, I’m just completely nonplussed. Yep, this looks like a GTA game. Yep, they updated the graphics. And…that’s about it. There’s nothing wrong with these games from where I sit, but I don’t feel as though they’ve given me anything new to latch onto or get excited about. Even the Youtube commenters are having trouble, as one of the top comments on this trailer as of the time of this writing talks about how exciting it is that there are dogs in the game. Really? Dogs are a draw now?

I’ll probably end up noodling around with GTA V when it comes out in July of 2012, but it’s highly, highly unlikely that I will play it more than once or twice, and EXTREMELY unlikely that I will buy it.

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