Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 13

I chose Steve Lemme as today’s Celebrity Birthday of the Day because he’s part of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, and I love me some Broken Lizard. Even if they haven’t matched the success of the movie that made them famous – Super Troopers – I’m always interested in what the Broken Lizard guys are doing. Steve Lemme attended Colgate College in 1987 and was a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity there. It was while attending Colgate that he joined a comedy troupe called Charred Goosebeak, a group which contained many of the actors who would go on to become Broken Lizard. To date, Lemme has only appeared in a handful of movies, but I have to say, I love his roles in the Broken Lizard flicks. Even though Club Dread was a bit of a disaster, I think that his role as Juan the diving instructor is his funniest, although his role as Mac from Super Troopers (seen above) is a highly quotable one. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that Lemme has any Lizard movies slated for the near future, but for what it’s worth, the troupe has been promising to make Super Troopers 2 for some time now. Lemme turns 43 today.

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