Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 27

Sharlto Copley is an actor whose career I have been watching closely since he starred in District 9 – and it’s almost entirely because of District 9 that I’m so invested in Copley finding fame! District 9 was Copley’s first feature film, and it was largely ad-libbed. Now, if you haven’t seen District 9 (what are you waiting for), that may not sound all that impressive to you, but believe me when I say that Copley’s character was the emotional anchor of the entire movie, and for a first-time actor, I found Copley’s performance astounding. Since earning acclaim in District 9, Copley has only appeared in one other film (as of the time of this writing) – The A-Team – and once again I found him to be a highlight of the movie. Copley has also co-hosted WWE RAW with his A-Team co-stars and is set to appear in another Neill Blomkamp sci-fi film called Elysium. As I said before, I’ll be watching Copley’s career very closely, because I see loads of talent in this guy. Sharlto Copley turns 38 today.

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