Celebrity Birthday of the Day – December 6

One of the very first things I wrote for The Back Row was an article about my favourite comedians, and included on that list was the awesome, amazing and completely deadpan Steven Wright! I guarantee that if you don’t know Wright by sight, then you definitely know his voice. After graduating from Emerson College, Wright moved straight into stand-up comedy and within three years of his debut, he was featured on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson! In 1985, Wright’s first comedy album I Have a Pony was released to much acclaim and even netted him a Grammy nomination. Since then, Wright has had an HBO special dedicated to his stand-up, and has also moved into acting, having made appearences on TV shows such as The Larry Sanders Show and Mad About You, as well as appearing in movies including Desperately Seeking Susan, Canadian Bacon and Coffee and Cigarettes. Wright’s notable voice has also been featured in Babe: Pig in the City, but most famously in Reservoir Dogs! As a final note, I’d like to include a great Steven Wright joke here, because he’s a master of the one-liner: I used to work in the factory where they make fire hydrants, but you couldn’t park anywhere near the place. Classic. Wright turns 56 today.

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