Celebrity Birthday of the Day – December 11

Hailee Steinfeld has a sudden and tremendous rise to fame last year for her performance in the Coen bros. remake of True Grit – she won 14 awards for it and was nominated for 13 more! Steinfeld was born in Los Angeles to an interior designer named Cheri and a personal fitness trainer named Peter. Oddly enough, her uncle Jake is also a fitness trainer. Steinfeld began her career acting in short films and making small appearences on TV, be it in the series Sons of Tuscon or in K-Mart commercials. Since her acclaimed performance in True Grit, though, she’s bound for stardom, and is set to play Juliet in an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. I think it’s safe to assume we’ll be seeing lots more of this talented young lady for many years to come! Hailee Steinfeld turns 15 today.

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