Escape from MS-ONE’s Maximum Security Lockout

This could be a bad sign, but then, maybe it isn’t: the sci-fi prison flick titled Lockout, which I posted a trailer for not that long ago, seems to be having an identity crisis. By some accounts, the movie is called Lockout (or Lock-out), by others it’s Escape from MS-ONE, and by others MS ONE: Security Maximum. Does this title problem mean anything as far as the quality of the film? Well, I can’t deny that a movie not being able to decide what it’s called can be a bad sign (or just a sign of poor marketing), but honestly, this film still looks pretty damn cool to me. It’s Escape from New York in space! How could it not be awesome? And it’s got Peter Stormare in it, so there’s that little slice of coolness too. Frankly, I’m really looking forward to this one, but then, I’m a die-hard science fiction junkie. And I love Escape from New York. I’m just gonna call this trailer a win.

Lockout/Lock-out/Escape from MS-ONE/MS ONE: Security Maximum comes out April 20, 2012.

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