Before They Were Stars: 7-Year Old Robert Downey Jr. in “Greaser’s Palace”

Last year, I did a “Before They Were Stars” feature on Robert Downey Jr.’s film debut at the age of five in Pound, a very bizarre film directed by his father, Robert Downey Sr, where humans played the role of dogs! Well, Robert Sr. actually used his son in quite a few of his films while he was still a child, and Robert Jr.’s follow-up role came at the age of seven with a brief appearance in an equally bizarre surrealist flick called Greaser’s Palace. It should be noted that Robert Downey Sr. has admitted that he shared drugs with his son at a very young age, which may have paved the way for Robert Jr.’s well-documented substance abuse problems later in life, so I don’t think I’m making a brash assumption when I theorize that the director was not in a sober state of mind when he made these films.

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