Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 2

Even though he hasn’t been in much, I actually quite enjoy Dax Shepard as an actor. Born in Michigan, he attended college at UCLA and received a degree in anthropology. Shepard began acting in films in small roles like the “Vomiter at Party” in Hairshirt and as a “Camera Crew Member” in Cheaper by the Dozen. He began to advance his career as an actor on the Ashton Kutcher show Punk’d and also played a role on the TV series My Name is Earl, but his big breaks were to come in 2005 and 2006, when he had prominent roles in the films Zathura and Idiocracy (a personal favourite of mine). Since Idiocracy, Shepard has become known for his work in comedies, including the Employee of the Month, Baby Mama and Old Dogs. Shepard can currently be seen on the TV series spin-off of Parenthood. He turns 37 today.

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