The Dark Knight Mmphmmphmmmph

Bat-fans who have been following the supposed debacle concerning Bane’s apparently unintelligible dialogue in The Dark Knight Rises can rest easy, because word has it that our old pal Christopher Nolan has already begun correcting the problem, starting with the TDKR prologue that has been airing before screenings of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. I didn’t even bother to report the story of the problematic audio on TBR simply because, at this point, Christopher Nolan has earned my complete and total trust. I already had my moment of doubt when he cast Heath Ledger as the Joker, so anyone who thought Mr. Nolan had flipped his lid when audiences couldn’t understand Bane and it was looking like ol’Chris wasn’t going to do anything about it…consider this my “I told you so.”

The Dark Knight Rises comes out July 20, 2012. Props to YouTube user MrJonMoison for the hilarious video!

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