There Is No Hope

Love it or hate it, The Walking Dead is coming back in February for the final few episodes of season 2, and while I do feel like the show has been on a bit of a downward spiral for some time now, I must admit that I’m still enjoying a lot of what it has to offer. Plus, thanks to this little teaser promo, it looks like we’ll be getting some more action in the latter half of this season as the character conflicts begin to boil over – but then, I thought that season 2 was going to be action-packed from the outset based on the promotional stuff that was released for it over the summer, so I could be completely wrong. Regardless of whether it’s going to be bad or good, though, I’m such a sucker for zombies that you can bet I’ll be tuning in when the next episode airs.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 12, 2012.

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