Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 16

Robin would find it difficult to do a Before They Were Stars feature on Mason Gamble, because this guy started his career off with a starring role! The role was that of Dennis Mitchell in the 1993 big-screen adaptation of Dennis the Menace, and Gamble starred alongside Walter Matthau in the role of Mister Wilson. Following Dennis the Menace, Gamble appeared in a few small parts in movies such as Spy Hard, Gattaca, and Arlington Road, as well as making appearances on the TV series ER and Early Edition. Another one of Gamble’s more well-known roles was in the much-acclaimed Wes Anderson film Rushmore, wherein he played Jason Schwartzman’s character Max’s best friend Dirk. In 2001, Gamble landed a role on the short-lived CBS drama Kate Brasher, and also appeared on CSI: Miami in 2006. Since 2010, Gamble doesn’t appear to have done much acting, but his role as Dennis Mitchell is one I will always remember. Hey Mister Wilson! He turns 26 today.

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