Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 21

It’s a “That Guy” celebrity birthday today, and this one’s a personal favourite of mine. Known for his raspy voice and his penchant for playing villains, Michael Wincott is one of the finest actors ever to come out of Ontario (in my opinion, anyway). Nobody plays a scumbag like this dude! Wincott studied at Juilliard and graduated in 1986, having already begun acting in TV and movies, with some of his early roles including appearances in Wild Horse Hank, Ticket to Heaven, The Littlest Hobo, and Curtains. After his graduation, Wincott moved into acting on the stage with Joseph Papp’s Public Theatre, but continued to act in films and television shows. In the nineties, Wincott began to get bigger and juicier roles – almost all of them villainous in nature – and to date some of his more memorable performances are in the films Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Three Musketeers, The Crow, Dead Man, Strange Days, and Alien: Resurrection. He continues to act today, though mostly on the stage. Here’s a choice quote from the man: My worst work happens when I get obedient. Love it. Michael Wincott turns 54 today.

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