C (299,792 kilometers per second)

The story of an idealistic flight officer who hijacks her spaceship during an interplanetary cold war and attempts to escape our solar system in search of other habitable worlds. However, when a small group of soldiers led by Second Lieutenant Kai provide unexpected resistance, Malleck’s master plan is threatened.

Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier are two filmmakers based out of New York who have been working tirelessly on making their short film C (299,792 kilometers per second) a reality, and the reason you should pay attention is that they’re doing it all with old-school moviemaking methods. No CGI or greenscreen work here! Just this fact alone is enough for Van Gorder and Stockmeier to win my admiration, but on top of that, the trailer looks solid, and they’re doing it all through independent funding through Kickstarter and donations through their website. This is the kind of indie filmmaking that I love.

Click here to visit the official website for C (299,792 kilometers per second).

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