Will Battleship Sink?

I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to Battleship on a so-bad-its-good level of entertainment. It looks ludicrous, but the special effects are pretty darn cool, and it has Liam Neeson, so there’s at least something vaguely redeeming about it. But whenever I see a new trailer, like this Super Bowl spot, I find myself wondering just how successful this film will actually be. I mean, yes, it has all the flash and bang of a summer blockbuster, but when was the last time a movie based on a board game was actually successful? Even Clue, the most famous example of a board-game-turned-feature-film, didn’t exactly do gangbusters upon its release. What do you think? Will Battleship sink at the box office?

Battleship comes out May 18, 2012.

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