The Sporktacular Spider-Ham

Dear Marc Webb – I’m trying, dude. I’m trying really, really hard to keep an open mind about your Spider-man reboot. Spider-man 3 sucked pretty hard, and it was directed by Sam Raimi and featured a Bruce Campbell cameo – which is usually enough to get me to forgive just about anything – but I dunno. Even though this second trailer is better than the first, The Amazing Spider-man just looks like, well, Raimi’s first Spider-man flick, just with a different villain. I’m so nonplussed by The Amazing Spider-man that I even started wondering whether I had grown bored with the superhero genre entirely (but Chronicle proved to me that wasn’t the case). But, in the end, I think that I just find this movie unremarkable, and I want you to know, Mr. Webb, that it isn’t your fault. 500 Days of Summer was a lot of fun. You clearly have talent. You were just handed a superhero project that was, well, a bit stale. But please don’t take my disinterest in your film to be disdain for your work. You rock. It’s just too soon for another Spider-man flick, I guess. Sorry.

The Amazing Spider-man comes out July 3, 2012.

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