A Game About Rewiring Things and Punching People

Tom Francis, John Roberts, and Fabian van Dommelen are building a wicked looking PC stealth game called Gunpoint, which they describe as a game about rewiring things and punching people.

From the game’s official website:

You’re a freelance spy, infiltrating high security buildings with subterfuge, gratuitous face-punching, and an unusual type of electronic sabotage. You can cross-link things like light switches and doors so that the guards unwittingly take out their own security systems, their colleagues, and even themselves. It’s pretty funny.

I absolutely love the cross-linking mechanic, and hopefully Mr. Francis will send me an early build so I can review it for you guys!

Gunpoint is currently set to come out later than May 2012. Click here to visit the official Gunpoint blog!

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