Before They Were Stars (2-for-1 Special): The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestle Each Other in 1989

This is a very unique piece of footage that showcases two of the biggest stars in the history of professional wrestling having a match against each other very early in their respective careers. Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker would have many high-profile matches with each other throughout their careers in the WWF, but their paths first crossed when they worked together in the United States Wrestling Assocation in 1989. In this match from the Dallas Sportatorium, the future Undertaker is wrestling under a mask as “The Punisher” and is taking on a young blonde-haired rookie named Steve Williams, who would soon change his name to Steve Austin to avoid confusion with another famous wrestler named “Dr. Death” Steve Williams. Oh, and the announcer doing color commentary over this match? That’s none other than Percy Pringle, who would go on to manage the Undertaker for many years in the WWF as Paul Bearer. It’s funny to see the man who would go on to become the biggest star in the industry get squashed in two minutes by a guy he would eventually be headlining numerous pay-per-views against.

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