Safety Not Guaranteed

So here’s a trailer for the film Safety Not Guaranteed, which is based on a personal ad that became quite the internet meme after someone scanned it and posted it online. I’m not posting this trailer because I think the movie is going to be good – it looks pretty funny, I guess, but not outstanding. I’m posting it because it fascinates me how they will make a movie out of anything. This reminds me of the film “adaptation” of The Darwin Awards, another, uh, thing that found popularity online. But this personal ad one is a pretty unusual case, because the only way this movie could be satisfying is if the two people actually go back in time at the end of the film…which I don’t think will happen. And if that’s not going to happen, then I’d almost rather they made a documentary about the guy who wrote the ad instead of turning it into a work of fiction. I probably won’t see Safety Not Guaranteed until it’s left theatres, but I still think it’s an odd duck in the world of movies. What do you guys think?

Safety Not Guaranteed comes out June 8, 2012.

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