Celebrity Birthday of the Day – April 6

I’m always amazed by celebrities who have very few credits to their names, but still manage to be really quite famous. Such is the case with Zach Braff, an actor, writer and director for whom becoming a filmmaker was a childhood dream. Braff got his start as a makeup artist on Shakespeare productions at New York City’s Public Theater. He also played small roles in Woody Allen’s Manhattan Murder Mystery and on an episode of the Disney show The Baby-sitters Club. In 2001, he landed his first major TV role as J.D. Dorian on the medical comedy series Scrubs – a role for which he was nominated for three Golden Globes and an Emmy. Over the many seasons of Scrubs, Braff also directed several episodes, becoming one of the series executive producers along the way as well. In 2004, Braff wrote, directed and starred in Garden State, a bittersweet comedy that, at one point, was my favourite film. Shot for only $2.5 million, the movie grossed over $35 million at the box office and was lauded by critics. Beyond Scrubs and Garden State – by far his most well-known credits to date – Braff provided a voice on the short-lived MTV cartoon Clone High, appeared on an episode of Arrested Development, starred in the romantic drama The Last Kiss, voiced the title character in the animated film Chicken Little, had a small role on Cougartown, and is set to provide a voice for the upcoming film Oz: The Great and Powerful. Zach Braff turns 37 today, and in celebration, I’ll be listening to The Shins.

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