Before They Were Stars: Dermot Mulroney in “Shattered… If Your Kid’s on Drugs”

Shattered… If Your Kid’s on Drugs was a one-hour educational video made in 1986 which was often shown in schools to (you guessed it!) showcase the dangers of drugs to children and hopefully scare the shit out of them. The video featured a story of two seemingly ordinary, clean-cut teenagers whose lives spiral out of control once they become addicted to drugs, and had two special celebrity hosts: Burt Reynolds and Judd Nelson! You kind of get the sense that they were both arrested in a drug bust, and were forced to host this video as a community service requirement. Anyway, a young Dermot Mulroney made his acting debut here as an evil drug dealer, who gradually transitions these two nice kids from marijuana to crack to cocaine. Canadian viewers should also get a big kick out of seeing Megan Follows as one of the drug-addicted kids, a rare chance to witness Anne of Green Gables experiment with the green stuff and trade sexual favors in exchange for coke.

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