Celebrity Birthday of the Day – April 7

Stan Winston was a veritable god of special effects, and is responsible for creating some of the most memorable movie creatures ever to grace the silver screen. Winston got his start as an apprentice makeup artist at Walt Disney Studios, and in 1972 he established his own company Stan Winston Studio. Some of his early work included makeup effects on the TV movie Gargoyles and the creation of the Chewbacca costume for the Star Wars Holiday Special. In the 1980s, Winston began to attract more attention for his great special effects, providing effects work for Friday the 13th Part III, The Terminator, Aliens, Pumpkinhead, Edward Scissorhands, Predator, Predator 2, and The Monster Squad. In the 1990s, Winston teamed up with James Cameron again to bring us Terminator 2: Judgement Day, then reunited with Tim Burton for Batman Returns (the Penguin makeup in that film still holds up incredibly well, I think), and in 1994 he helped Steven Spielberg create the amazing dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. His work on so many films known for their incredible special effects had made Stan Winston the go-to guy for creatures and effects in Hollywood, and he would go on to work on movies including (but not limited to) A.I., Pearl Harbor, and Constantine, as well as designing the monsters for the video game The Suffering. Stan Winston died of multiple myeloma in 2008 at the age of 62. His special effects company continues to provide terrific effects work to this day, and keeps Stan Winston’s legacy alive in the form of monsters, robots, and all those other wonderful creations that make the movies special.

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