Celebrity Birthday of the Day – April 23

French actor Herve Villechaize was born with proportionate dwarfism, and actually insisted on being called a midget rather than a “little person”. Villechaize was primarily active as an actor in the 1970s and 1980s. His first role was in the film Chappaqua, and he appeared in films such as The Last Stop, Greaser’s Palace, Seizure, and Crazy Joe, before gaining fame as the henchman Nick Nack in The Man with the Golden Gun. In 1977, Villechaize landed the role of Tattoo on the TV series Fantasy Island – a role for which he is probably best known, as his famous like “Zee plane! Zee plane!” has entered the pop culture lexicon. Villechaize also played roles in Airplane II: The Sequel, Forbidden Zone, and Two Moon Junction, and on the TV series Faerie Tale Theatre and The Larry Sanders Show. As a consequence of his health problems, Villechaize unfortunately succumbed to alcoholism and clinical depression, and took his own life in 1993 at the age of 50.

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