Before They Were Stars (2-for-1 Special): John Cleese & Graham Chapman Do the “Four Yorkshiremen” Sketch on “At Last the 1948 Show”

I’ve been doing “Before They Were Stars” features on the Monty Python cast all week, but here’s a unique opportunity to see two members of Monty Python doing a classic sketch from Monty Python before they were… well, Monty Python. In 1967, John Cleese and Graham Chapman joined the cast of a sketch comedy series called At Last the 1948 Show which was created by David Frost (yes, of Frost vs. Nixon fame) and lasted 13 episodes, and like the early Michael Palin-Terry Jones comedy collaboration, The Complete and Utter History of Britain, a lot of the original footage of this show has since been lost. However, one of the episodes that is still around happens to feature Cleese and Chapman acting out an early version of the “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch from Monty Python. Incidentally, you’ll also probably recognize Marty Feldman, who went on to great fame as Igor in Young Frankenstein, as one of the Yorkshiremen.

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