Telltale’s The Walking Dead Looks Dramatic, Possibly Fun

There’s a lot that I like and dislike about this new trailer for Telltale’s video game series adaptation of The Walking Dead – or, rather, a spin-off, since none of the characters from the comics or the show seem to turn up – so I’m just going to list them off as bullet points.

LIKE: The writing and character design all feel like they belong in the world of The Walking Dead. Well, the world of the comic, anyway.

DISLIKE: Telltale’s video game engine is just too…sloppy for my liking. I played the first episode of their Back to the Future series and found it a bit lackluster, simply because of the somewhat amateuristic gameplay.

LIKE: The story and atmosphere. The focus is clearly on character interactions moreso than busting zombie skulls, and while I’d usually cast my vote for the skull-busting, in this case, I feel like the dramatic tension between the characters is more important.

DISLIKE: This is more of a concern, I guess. Apparently Telltale’s most recent video game series besides this one – based on Jurassic Park – was little more than a series of quicktime events. I just hope it isn’t the same case with The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead video game series is now available on PSN and computer.

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