Before They Were Stars: Julie Benz on “Hi, Honey, I’m Home!”

When Gill wrote his Celebrity Birthday of the Day for Julie Benz, he mentioned her starting out on a sitcom called Hi Honey, I’m Home!, so naturally, I had to look into this one. Wow, talk about a television oddity! Hi Honey, I’m Home! aired on ABC from 1991-92 as part of their TGIF lineup and involved a fictional family from a 1950s sitcom suddenly transporting to the real world after their show is cancelled. Julie Benz plays the sitcom family daughter and, in an interesting bit of trivia, future Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean was originally cast in the role of the obnoxious young neighbour, Skunk, before being replaced. The show looks pretty awful, but it does have an hilarious theme song and I do give them credit for beating Pleasantville to the punch with this idea by seven years.

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