Your punishment must be more severe.

A new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises – this one claiming to be the last one – has arrived online, and man, it’s awesome from beginning to end. We get a glimpse of the airplane assault scene that was included in the preview screenings of the film’s first ten minutes, there’s lots of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which hints at his possible role as Nightwing or some other sidekicky character, we can understand Bane…the list goes on and on! It looks like all-out war in the streets of Gotham City, and on top of it all we get to see some nice, juicy shots of the Batwing, which Batman tells us definitively is “NOT A CAAAARRRR.” With The Avengers already getting rave reviews and earning loads of cash overseas, I’ll be interested to see if The Dark Knight Rises comes even close to surpassing it financially. Who will be the biggest superhero movie of the summer?!

The Dark Knight Rises comes out July 20, 2012.

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