Rex Velvet, The People’s Villain

Once upon a time, TBR covered some news stories about real-life superheroes turning up in Seattle, being lead by someone calling himself Phoenix Jones (real name Ben Fodor). My coverage of the story actually resulted in one of the Rain City Superheroes named Red Dragon commenting on our site and giving me an interview. It was all pretty cool, but right from the start I questioned what would happen if someone – a real-life villain – decided to make an example of the Rain City Superheroes…and now it has happened! Well, not quite. Rather, a video has appeared online depicting a villainous, moustachioed man calling out Jones and demanding that the RSC disband. He goes by the moniker of Rex Velvet, and, with all due respect to Phoenix Jones, Red Dragon, and the other heroes in Seattle, this Velvet guy sure knows how to entertain. Phoenix Jones isn’t intimidated, however, as this blurb from describes:

“I looked him up. He’s actually just a wedding photographer who made a funny video,” said Jones. “If he was a true supervillain I would be more interested because at least I would have something to do. Right now it’s like war of social media and I have better things to do with my time.”

Amazing. Simply amazing.

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