Amazingly, This New Four Minute Trailer Doesn’t Feel Like It’s Four Minutes Long Or A New Trailer

A self-described “Four Minute Super Preview” for The Amazing Spider-Man has landed online and…well, it sure doesn’t feel like a new trailer. Instead, it feels more like the past three previews stitched together, and I honestly can’t remember what footage in this trailer is “new”…it’s the bit with the kid, right? Considering this trailer is four minutes long, it hasn’t succeeded in raising my interest levels in The Amazing Spider-Man one iota. And – not to nitpick here – the special effects are decent, but not stupendous. A minor quibble, since there’s still time for them to iron them out before the film is finally released, but, as usual, I find myself less than amazed by The Amazing Spider-Man. Is anyone out there really excited for this?

The Amazing Spider-Man comes out July 3, 2012.

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