Celebrity Birthday of the Day – May 16

While I wouldn’t count myself as a big fan of David Boreanaz, the guy worked extensively with Joss Whedon, and it’s my duty to celebrate the birthdays of those fine actors who have had the pleasure of working with such an awesome director as Joss. Whedon really made Boreanaz famous, as before Boreanaz was cast as Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer – a role which he reprised for the spinoff series Angel – he had only appeared on an episode of Married with Children. Thanks to the success of Buffy, Boreanaz landed a starring role in the 2001 film Valentine, as well as playing roles in films like I’m with Lucy and The Crow: Wicked Prayer. But Boreanaz’s work has predominantly been in television, and in addition to playing Angel, he also stars on the TV series Bones. He turns 43 today.

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