Before They Were Stars: Sonny Chiba in “Invasion of the Neptune Men” (MST3K Version)

I’ve spent the last few days showcasing famous actors who had early roles in bad films that were featured in episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but the strangest one will be reserved for international martial arts star Sonny Chiba, who starrred in a bizarre 1961 Japanese sci-fi film called Invasion of the Neptune Men. In this film, Chiba plays an intergalactic superhero named Space Chief, who helps save Japan from being taken over by… uh, Neptune Men. This clip features the best highlights of Space Chief’s role in the film, including a fight scene with such godawful choreography that you’ll wonder how Sonny Chiba ever became a martial arts star. Incidentally, Invasion of the Neptune Men also has one infamous moment which made my “Ten Movie Scenes That Make You Go WTF?!” column: the destruction of the Hitler building!

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