Robin’s Debut Column at

Today is a very historic day as The Back Row has officially crossed over with one of our most influential websites, My debut article, “5 Famous Movies That Shamelessly Ripped Off Obscure Ones”, has finally been posted up, as I put my encyclopedic movie knowledge to good use and show that even the best movies can steal ideas. If you’re wondering how I earned the privilege of writing for Cracked and are interested in doing the same thing, I’d advise you to sign up for the Cracked Comedy Workshop. They don’t care if you don’t have any writing experience. As long as they like your pitch, you could get paid to write an article for the website and make all your dreams come true! I just had another pitch accepted by them a few days ago, so you will be seeing a second Cracked article from yours truly sometime next month. Thank you, Cracked, for the opportunity!

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