Two Awesome E3 Video Game Clips

I’ve been a bit late in posting all the awesome video game promos and gameplay videos that came out of E3, so here are a couple that are sure to get you excited for the games they advertise! We’ve covered The Last of Us before on TBR, but now we get to see some actual gameplay footage, and man, it looks really, really good! A cool setting and a neat story make for a good game, but throw some solid gameplay on top of that and Naughty Dog might just have a winner on their hands.

For something a bit newer, check out the preview below for Quantic Dream’s next endeavour, called Beyond: Two Souls. It looks to move further into the hybrid realm of combining movies and video games, with amazing graphics and none other than Ellen Page starring! I was a huge fan of Heavy Rain, the last thing Quantic Dream put out, and playing that game I could see loads of potential to transcend both the video game and movie mediums to become something new and truly wonderful. Looks like they might have done it!

Both The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls are both expected to hit sometime in 2013.

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