Before They Were Stars: Barry Pepper in “Titanic” (made-for-TV version)

A year before James Cameron’s Titanic took the world by storm, CBS produced a two-part miniseries about the sinking of the ship, and like Cameron’s film, interspersed real-life people and events with personal stories involving fictional characters. Obviously, the budget for this one was much lower, but it did have a pretty good cast, including Peter Gallagher, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and George C. Scott as the captain. This version of Titanic also features a fictitious romance about a pair of teens falling in love while the ship sinks, but instead of Billy Zane playing the douchebag who tries to break them apart, it’s Tim friggin’ Curry! Gotta give the edge to the mini-series on that piece of casting. Anyway, an unknown Barry Pepper also has a small role as one of the ship’s radio operators and on the basis of this clip, I have no idea if he’s attempting to do a godawful English accent or a godawful Scottish one.

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