Before They Were Stars: 11-Year Old Joseph Gordon-Levitt at a “Dark Shadows” Convention

With Joseph Gordon-Levitt currently occupying movie screens in The Dark Knight Rises, here’s some ultra-obscure homemade footage of him when he was only 11 years old. One of his earliest roles came when he was cast in a 1991 re-imagining of the classic horror TV series, Dark Shadows, which, of course, was recently made into a movie by Tim Burton. The series was fairly well-received, but had the misfortune of airing on NBC when they frequently had to preempt or cut away from the show for news coverage of the Gulf War, so it was cancelled after only 12 episodes. Anyway, Joseph and one of his fellow child actors on the show, Veronica Lauren, were invited to speak at a Dark Shadows convention a year later, and one of the attendees has been generous enough to post the handheld footage he filmed on Youtube. Note the awkwardness in the room at the 7:05 mark of the first clip when some creeper in the audience asks the two kids how much time they had to spend in wet clothes during the filming of a particular scene. WTF?!

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