Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 28

Think back to your favourite movies from the 1980s and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll remember today’s birthday girl, Frances Lee McCain, who often played the mother of one of the major characters. Her roles included playing Billy Peltzer’s mom in Gremlins, Lorraine Baines’ mom in Back to the Future, Ren McCormack’s mother in Footloose, and Gordie Lachance’s mother in Stand by Me. McCain currently has 67 credits to her name and while she doesn’t act that often any more, she has still appeared in some prominent films over the years, including Patch Adams, True Crime and Scream, where (in an obvious nod to her past) she had a brief role as Tatum and Dewey Riley’s mother. Of course, McCain’s biggest legacy will be always be those two minutes of cinematic gold in Gremlins where her repressed housewife unleashes a violent wrath on the gremlins who dared to make a mess in her precious kitchen. Quite frankly, it’s one of the greatest scenes EVER! Frances Lee McCain turns 68 today and you better get out of her kitchen!

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