Celebrity Birthday of the Day – August 1

David Wain is a comedy writer, actor and director who founded a sketch comedy group called The State while attending NYU. Eventually this group would go on to star in a sketch comedy show based on their performances, which lasted 26 episodes. Wain would then go on to write and direct Wet Hot American Summer, which is absurdist to the extreme, but also a lot of fun, as well as The Ten, Role Models and Wanderlust – all very, very funny.


Additionally, Wain voiced the Warden on the surreal animated series Superjail!, which was forced on me by TK and Tom Lando, and I’ve never been the same since.

After I thoroughly enjoyed Wanderlust, I find myself looking forward to Wain’s next project. I’m still longing for the return of the talking can. David Wain turns 43 today.

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