Before They Were Stars: Neil Flynn in “The Fugitive”

In my recent Cracked article, “5 Villains Who Went Out of Their Way to Screw Their Own Plan”, I covered The Fugitive and I made sure to sneak in a “Before They Were Stars” still of Jane Lynch’s early role in the film as a lab technician. The film also contains an early role for Neil Flynn as a cop who gets shot on the subway by the one-armed man, and this would eventually make for the most meta “Before They Were Stars” moment of all time. Flynn is best known for his role as The Janitor on Scrubs, and one episode of the show actually had a storyline where J.D. watches Neil Flynn’s scene from The Fugitive and figures out that Janitor is the same person and that he gave up his acting dreams to pursue a career in the janitorial arts!

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