Before They Were Stars: Michael Richards in an Educational Short About Car Insurance

Well, in the last two days, I’ve done “Before They Were Stars” features on Puddy and Newman, so to complete a Seinfeld trifecta, I guess it’s Kramer’s turn. In 1987, Michael Richards starred in a goofy educational short film about car insurance called Choice, Chance & Control, playing a reckless driver who does not understand why his auto insurance rates keep going up until he learns a valuable lesson in a bunch of bizarre fantasy sequences. Also look for Tom Towles of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer fame as the weird guy with the red mohawk. If the opening sequence where Richards smashes into some cars while trying to parallel park seems a little familiar, that’s because Seinfeld decided to throw in a little inside jab at their star’s past by presenting a scene of Kramer doing the exact same thing!

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