How to Make Money Selling Drugs

Recalling the hit Cocaine Cowboys, How to Make Money Selling Drugs offers expert testimony from a number of real-life outlaws, including Mike Walzman, who became the go-to dealer in Beverly Hills private schools, and “Freeway” Rick Ross, who recalls his invention of crack cocaine as if it were a fast-food innovation. We also hear from such familiar faces as Adrian Grenier, who was raised by a pot-dealing single mother; rapper Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. 50 Cent, who started dealing at age twelve; Susan Sarandon, who attests to the benefits of some illicit substances; Eminem, who talks about his struggles with legal prescription drugs; and Russell Simmons, who has dedicated himself to overturning punitive drug laws. Their testimony reflects the way in which drugs permeate all levels of society — and how, when it comes to drug law enforcement, punishment is disproportionately doled out to those who are dark-skinned and poor.

Wow! I was totally blind-sided by how awesome this trailer for How to Make Money Selling Drugs is! The film, written and directed by Matthew Cooke, is playing at TIFF 2012, and boy do I wish I could be there to see it premiere, because it sure looks like it will be drumming up some controversy. This is my favourite kind of documentary – the kind that combines real footage and testimony with a satirical lesson rife with social commentary. You can bet I’ll be waiting for this one to come to my home town with baited breath.

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