Before They Were Stars: Ryan Gosling Tours Cornwall, Ontario on “The Mickey Mouse Club”

A friend of mine who works in promotions for the town of Cornwall, Ontario led me to this clip, which may be the most exposure Cornwall has ever gotten on an American TV show. For those of you who don’t know, The Back Row’s hometown is the capital of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, and Cornwall is a town of 46,000 which is located about 100 kilometers south of us and resides right next to the U.S. border. I’ve previously showcased how The Mickey Mouse Club cast a plethora of future celebrities on their show when they were kids, one whom of was Ryan Gosling. In this segment, young Ryan provides a guided tour of his hometown of Cornwall and shows why he’s a future Academy Award-nominated actor with such great insights as: “I like hockey cause, like, it’s really cool, cause you can, like, do all this stuff and put it in the net and stuff like that, and I love that about hockey.”

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