Life of Pi looks breathtaking, or it could just be me

The story of an Indian boy named Pi, a zookeeper’s son who finds himself in the company of a hyena, zebra, orangutan, and a Bengal tiger after a shipwreck sets them adrift in the Pacific Ocean.

Ever since the trailers for Ang Lee’s new film Life of Pi have started to be released, I’ve been feeling like I’m in a serious minority of people who are actually excited about the film. But, c’mon, how can you not be awed by the sheer beauty and spectacle of these previews? Seriously, these are some of the prettiest examples of filmmaking that I’ve seen in a long time – vivid in colour and giant in scope. I get chills, guys, seriously. What’s more, this is the first movie in a very long time where I find myself actually quite curious to see how 3D will be used. But most of all, I’m just excited to see a thrilling, adventure-packed movie that isn’t reliant on guns, explosions, or the supernatural to drive the plot. And yet…and yet…I don’t really feel like that enthusiasm is shared. Am I alone in thinking this looks amazing?

Life of Pi comes out November 21, 2012.

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