Empires of the Deep is gonna sink

For thousand of years, legends of beautiful mermaids have enchanted people from all over the globe. Their fascinating and mysterious world has always captured our imagination. What secrets lurk beneath the depths? And why do beautiful mermaids seduce human men?

Oh boy, this looks like a stinker. Empires of the Deep 3D is a $130,000,000 that took three years to get made, losing two directors and several actors along the way. Now, I don’t know where any of that money went, because the CGI looks on par with the stuff that was in Xena: Warrior Princess, and so do the costumes, for that matter. It’s all being overseen by the computer graphics company, too, so they really have no excuse for how bad it all looks. I don’t have much more to say about Empires of the Deep (I used up all my energy on my Evil Dead rant), except that I posted this trailer so I could warn you. As much as an epic Lord of the Rings-style war between races of mermaids and sea monsters may sound, you should probably avoid this movie.

Empires of the Deep 3D is being released in China, but who knows if it’ll ever make it overseas. Funny, considering the subject matter.

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